Building Automation Controls

Building automation allows you to have greater control of your entire building. From your HVAC systems to lighting controls, you will be able to efficiently manage your building. A good building automation system will save you time and money.

Time:  With all your systems on a single platform, you can have control and access right at your fingertips.

Money: A good building automation solution will save money on energy bills through better logic, while maintaining building comfort.

Point Monitor’s professional Controls team with 28+ years of combined experience can deliver a small stand-alone or a full-scale networked building automation system. We can control your building’s roof top units, zone level controllers, chillers, boilers, exhaust fans, and much more.

Following installation, Point Monitor is there for you to help service and maintain your building control system. 

To best serve our customers, we are pleased to offer the installation and service of ProLon controls. These controls are a great product for light to medium commercial projects and properties. ProLon has the hardware to handle most control applications that may arise. A prominent feature of this line is its capability to access your building from anywhere with a cell signal using the FREE Focus software for iOS and Android.


Focus Software

NC2000 Network Controller

M2000 Controller