Every application introduces its own challenges. From fire, security and communications systems, to the myriad of different building types and situations, only experience can equip a company to handle the questions that arise. There’s no single answer. The key is versatility, from both designer and installer. Point Monitor has a track record of performing a variety of installations in almost every type of building.

First things first: in every case, our priority is safety. In an occupied hospital or school, we safeguard patient and pupil. In commerical and industrial settings, we address trade coordination, asbestos and other hazards up front. We’re also dedicated to protecting your convenience. Our thoughtful, professional team operates successfully in office, retail and multi-housing environments, without disrupting the occupants.

From the initial analysis of your application to long term customer support, Point Monitor responds to the individuality of your building and organization at every step. We’ve set a high bar for ourselves, and by partnering with our customers, we continue to excel and exceed. Synergy in action.

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