Point Monitor Remote

With Point Monitor Remote, you’ll experience the confidence of being informed and in control at all times. Now you can be alerted, view, control, access, record and monitor your business from anywhere in the world – right on your smartphone or PC.

‘Point Monitor Remote’ Brochure (PDF)

Manage your business anytime, from anywhere!

Complete remote access to all your vital systems. Monitor multiple sites in real-time or view archived video, interact with systems, settings, history and more – all from your web enabled smartphone or PC!


Point Monitor Remote instantly delivers critical system alerts:

  • unapproved access
  • alarms armed/disarmed
  • doors left open
  • power outages
  • temperature alarms
  • from any device vital to your business
  • and much more, all in real-time.


Live streaming video and all vital systems:

  • 24/7 from wherever you are
  • monitor video and systems in real-time
  • archived video and historical information
  • safes, cash drawers & inventory
  • HVAC and freezer temperature
  • live status of all cameras and sensors
  • virtual keypad
  • all on your web enabled smartphone or PC!


Remotely control your security system and numerous devices at your business:

  • arm/disarm security system
  • activate/deactivate locks, lights & access
  • reduce employee and customer theft
  • real-time verification drastically improves police/fire response time
  • reduce costly false alarms
  • from anywhere in the world you may be!