Building Automation Analytics

Point Monitor is a reseller of Kaizen, a powerful ongoing commissioning and analytics tool that works in conjunction with your Building Automation System (BAS) and metering systems. Kaizen continuously monitors your building’s performance and energy consumption, measuring it against optimal performance guidelines and its own baseline, alerting you if a fault is detected or if performance is sub-optimal.

Kaizen Benefits

Transform your building analytics into action
Kaizen is a powerful analytics tool that translates your building’s output data into meaningful information. Kaizen alerts your team with the actions that need to be taken, and enables you to make informed decisions.

Achieve energy savings with Kaizen EMIS
Kaizen’s EMIS platform allows you to execute Measurement & Verification (M&V) as well as Monitoring, Targeting & Reporting (MT&R), and facilitate the measurement of your energy performance initiatives. The complementary money-saving features of FDD combined with the energy management and reporting of EMIS makes Kaizen an ideal one-stop analytics product, suitable for both short-and long-term energy performance programs.

Save time & money with automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD}
Kaizen software continuously analyzes your building systems so you’ll know the moment something changes. Our automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) feature pinpoints where faults are occuring within your facility, allowing you to take resolving action immediately and oftentimes remotely, saving you time and valuable resources.

Automated Reporting and distribution
Regular reports highlighting the inefficiencies and issues are generated by Kaizen. These reports can be distributed to your building manager, energy manager, energy consultant, or anyone ese who requires the information automatically.

Optimal building performance, every day
Our Golden Standard feature ensures that your building is running the way you intended every day by taking a daily ‘snapshot’ of the BAS settings, and comparing it against the previous baseline settings for the building. This allows you to maintain the commissioned state of the building, reducing performance degradation over time.

Security you can trust
Data is collected in real time and sent to Kaizen’s securecloud server through data encryption. As all data is sent in an outbound manner, this means we don’t need a direct connection to your building.

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