CLSS: Connected Life Safety Services

Point Monitor is proud to offer new Connected Life Safety Services for our Notifier fire alarm systems.

Accurate forecasting of life cycle costs of fire system service and maintenance
By enabling predictive maintenance, site managers can spot and fix issues early, before they result in unforecasted operational costs.

Peace of mind that systems are compliant
Fast access to incontrovertible proof of compliance with mandated inspection and maintenance requirements, with full audit trail stored securely in the cloud.

Real-time operational information
Enabling site managers to react quickly to incidents and take appropriate measures. Cross-site connectivity.

A holistic view of all your facilities
To ensure sites are operating effectively and meeting compliance requirements. Real time details of significant events such as fire, faults/troubles and disablements. Insight into scheduled system testing, inspection reports and inventory of devices.

Protected with extensive built-in cybersecurity provisions
Honeywell is committed to proactively monitoring the cybersecurity landscape, ensuring data is safely stored and securely accessible to permitted system users.

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