Cloud-based access control by Point Monitor Corporation

What is Hattrix?
Hattrix is Point Monitor’s premium level of access control. It is our cloud-based access control platform built on the Kantech line of door controllers and card readers. Point Monitor has identified the biggest pain points of traditional access control systems, and has been able to mitigate most, and in some cases all of those through our Hattrix platform. Hattrix is both software and service. Our software gives you the control from a mobile app or webstation, but it also gives feedback through automated reports and alerts. And with our managed service, every change that is made to any part of your database is done by one of our trained professionals.

With our hosted service you’ll have no more:

  • No more driving to the office to unlock a door
  • No more costly server maintenance
  • No more database backup uncertainties
  • No SSL certificates
  • No Port forwarding
  • No Complicated software
  • No service calls to retrain new hires
  • Never pay for software updates!

PLUS, with our managed service you’ll have no more:

  • No payroll devoted to cardholder changes
  • No trying to remember how to change a cardholder, schedule,
    holiday, or access level.

What can I do with the mobile app?

  • Lock and unlock doors in real time
  • Add cardholders
  • Add access levels
  • Add schedules
  • View real-time event activity
  • Control relays
  • Arm and disarm your intrusion system
  • View open zones on your intrusion system
  • View cameras on your network video recorder
  • Generate a variety of activity reports

Q: If my internet goes down will cards stop working?
A: No. All of our Kantech door controllers maintain a working database and will revert to a fully operational standalone mode based on
the latest database that was received by our Hattrix server.

Q: I already have a Kantech system, and everything works fine. Do I need Hattrix?
A: You may want to still consider Hattrix! Can you answer the following questions about your access control server?

  • Is your current operating system up to date?
  • Is the antivirus current?
  • Is your security software current?
  • How often are you running backups?
  • Where are you sending those backups once they are done?
  • Are there users in your cardholder database who don’t work for you anymore?
  • Are you tracking access denied events? What about “door held open” or “door forced open” events?
  • Are you monitoring the health of your door controllers?

If you answered “no” to any of the above, your access control system could be at risk. Hattrix can prevent costly emergency service calls due to system crashes or controller failures, but it can also provide email notifications for a myriad of access denied and other intrusion events. Best of all, you have peace of mind knowing that your database is managed by professionals with triple-redundant database backup and proactive event monitoring. This enables you to focus on your job more.

Institutions who utilize our Hattrix service:

Educational campuses
Financial institutions
Multifamily residential complexes
Commercial buildings
Commercial tenants
Small businesses
Manufacturing facilities
Places of worship
Medical facilities
Law offices

Questions about Hattrix? Contact a Point Monitor professional now!