Emergency Communications

Summon aid - when it matters most.

Nurse Call

Our systems are installed in hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, and assisted living facilities all over the Pacific Northwest.

Basic features of our nurse call systems include:
Local pull-cord / dome light
Audible and graphical annunciation

Today’s technologies allow us to provide
VoIP clear communication
Team-based rounding and reminders
Automated room turnover
Real-time alerting and voice prompts

And a-la-carte options for your system include
Smartphone alerting
Automated real-time staff locating
Wireless smart bed monitoring
Whiteboard activity display
SIP wireless phone communications
Text messaging and pocket paging
code blue and rapid response alerts

Area of Refuge / Area of Rescue Assistance / Two-Way Communication Systems

Most new buildings require a two-way communication system to be installed on every elevator landing above or below the ground floor. These emergency phones exist to allow disabled individuals to summon aid in an emergency event where they are unable to take the elevators or use the stairs. These emergency phones call to a centralized master station where responding personnel are likely to be located. If a timely response does not occur, the emergency phones can be programmed to roll over to a 24-hour monitoring facility or directly to an emergency number such as 911.

Emergency Phones

Whether it be a parking lot, college campus, or public swimming pool, our emergency phones can dial 911 directly or dial the number or extension of local responding personnel.

Mass Notification Systems

What’s the quickest way to alert thousands of people to an incident – in seconds? In an emergency, every second matters and the better informed people are, the more capable they will be of making decisions to keep themselves and others safe. Our mass notification systems are listed to the most rigorous specs under UL2572. And best of all, each one is tailored to meet your specific emergency response plan.

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